Felix Schramm / BENT - exhibition’s catalog

Sixteen-pages brochure illustrating the site specific Felix Schramm's installation. 
Client: Ribot, Contemporary Art Gallery, Milan.
The paper includes artist's bio and a three-questions interview. 

Curatorship Maria Villa
Director Monica Bottani
Concept Chiara Athor Brolli - Giulia Bassoli
Print Fontegrafica

Client Ribot Arte Contemporanea - Milano
Artist Felix Schramm
Exhibition Bent
Text Maria Villa
Translation Michael Haggerty
Logo design Gianluca Garancini
Ph Antonio Maniscalco
Print Offset + 1 Lime Pantone
Binding Omega staples
Paper Byblos 120 gr

Chiara Athor Brolli 2019 © All rights reserved

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